Page layout

There are 3 page layout availble: left, center and right. In addition we have enabled option to put the right column between the left and center columns. All columns designed in a such a way to span the width of the page dynamically, e.g. if one column is deactivated, then the remaining columns will re-size to span the full width of the page, if let's say only one column is active then it will span the full width of the page.


Custom Colors

The Custom Colors is a very powerful feature of the template. It allows you to customize the colors of all elements from backgrounds, links, text and menu links by section. Many of the templae's elements are designed with certain opacity so that no matter what color the background they will stay visible.


Background Images

You could also upload background images instead of solid background color if you wish. You will also be able to position the images in variety of configurations: from a single background image to repeating tiled images, it is up to you.



The AS002031 template offers 35 fonts to choose from. Choosing fonts for your website has never been easier. We have added Google Fonts as an alternative to Cufón fonts. One of the advantages of using Google fonts is that the actual fonts are served from an online directory the first time the users browser requests them and then cached locally. This eliminates the requirement to have the fonts available on the user’s machine in the first place. Another advantage of Google fonts is that they are not JavaScript dependent and they are selectable as opposed to non-selectable for Cufón fonts. In addition there are 10 (ten) standard Web Safe fonts.


Module positions

There are 49 module positions available. All module positions are fully collapsible.


AS Slider

The AS Nivo Slider is based on the jQuery plugin created by dev7studios. The jQuery Nivo Slider is world renowned as the most beautiful and easy to use slider on the market.

The AS Nivo Slider makes displaying your gallery of images a beautiful experience, by using amazing transition effects ranging from slicing and sliding to fading and folding. There simply is no better way to showcase your amazing work than to make the presentation of it looks just as beautiful.

With AS Nivo slider for Joomla! you can create a slider that match your style. We have added tons of options to custom the slider: colors, fonts, captions, effects, etc.

Click here to see all extension parameters.


AS MooSlider

The slider is based on MooTools technology and has a ton of parameters for easy customization.

Click here to see all extension parameters.

AS Menu Accordion

The AS Accordion Menu is an advanced menu system that allows you to list a menu or K2 categories inside an accordion in Joomla module.

The extension is based on jQuery technology and can be customized using the easy and friendly administration panel.

Click here to see all extension parameters.


AS Scroller

The AS Scroller is a javabased based continuous horizontal image scroller of one or more images from a specified folder with an optional redirection link.

As all our extensions it has a lot of parameters for easy extension customization.

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